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Plant Breeding Stakeholder Comment Site

Stakeholder Comment Site, USDA Plant Breeding


Plant Breeding


Welcome to the Plant Breeding Stakeholder Meeting Comment Page


Please Note: The Comment Page is now closed to new comments; however, if you would like to submit additional input, please message Paul Zankowski directly at paul.zankowski@usda.gov.

Thank you for your willingness to provide critical information to help gather stakeholder input. Your input will help 1) visualize USDA's overall short-, medium-, and long-term plant breeding goals to meet stakeholder needs; 2) identify future products or outcomes from USDA plant breeding efforts (intramural, extramural, and outreach); and 3) provide the basis to craft a new 2021-2026 USDA Plant Breeding Blueprint. We invite you to answer a few questions, below.

Breakout Question 1

Breakout Question 2

Breakout Question 3

Breakout Question 4

Breakout Question 5